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Inspired by legendary 20th century magician Harry Blackstone Sr., The Blackstone Magic Bar is a new concept created by Mr. Anson Chen. It combines elements of magic with innovative mixology, stylish and modern interior design and close-up magic performed by some of the best magicians in Asia.

20世纪伟大的魔术师Harry Blackstone Sr.先生为灵感,Blackstone Magic Bar这一全新概念由陈廷先生创立。Blackstone Magic Bar融合了充满魔术元素的创意调酒,时髦而现代的室内设计和来自亚洲最杰出的近景魔术师的表演。

Blackstone Magic Bar will be the first magic bar in China, featuring highly interactive close up magic shows behind the bar while guests enjoy delicious molecular cocktails designed by 2014 WorldClass Bartending Champion Mr. Chris Xi in collaboration with our team of expert magicians. Our unique signature cocktails are inspired by legendary magicians of the past and play with many of magic’s historical references, which are sure to put a smile on the faces of those who are “in the know”.
Blackstone Magic Bar是一家极具特色的沉浸式魔术酒吧,当客人在吧台前享用调酒高手Chris Xi特调的分子鸡尾酒时,我们的专业魔术师团队将在吧台后为客人表演高度互动的近景魔术,这是酒吧的一大特色。我们独一无二的特调鸡尾酒的灵感来源于那些传奇魔术师们过往,同时也加入了许多魔术的历史参照;内行人看了必然会心一笑。

Located on Julu Lu, no.158, the venue design of Blackstone Magic Bar is created by Fillippo Gabbiani & Andrea Destefanis, founders & chief architects at Kokaistudios. The interior design of Blackstone Magic Bar is inspired by signature pieces of Mr. Harry Blackstone Sr. including The Vanishing Birdcage, Floating Lightbulb & Dancing handkerchief; combined with the magic cocktail bar & intimate theatre space to create a truly magical & mysterious atmosphere that will bring you & your guests to another world.

位于巨鹿路158号Blackstone Magic Bar,其内装饰由Kokaistudios的创始人和首席建筑师Filippo Gabbiani和Andrea Destefanis创意设计。Blackstone Magic Bar的室内设计从Harry Blackstone Sr.的标志性魔术:消失的鸟笼、漂浮的灯泡和跳舞的手帕中获得灵感。而结合了魔术鸡尾酒吧和超近距离剧场空间的构想,创造出了一个真正的魔幻而神秘的气氛,这些都将带领你和你的客人进入另外一个世界。

Blackstone Magic Bar's signature program BLACKSTONE LIVE, a full immersive magic experience with the best magicians in Asia. At the same time, Blackstone Magic Bar also hosts regular classes, salons, and workshops, as well as special editions of Blackstone LIVE featuring international magicians from all over the world. On any night, at any time, expect miracles to happen.
Blackstone Magic Bar的招牌演出BLACKSTONE LIVE,是一场由亚洲高级魔术师带来的浸入式魔幻旅程。与此同时,Blackstone Magic Bar不仅举办各类课程、沙龙、工作坊,也会特别邀请来自世界各地的国际魔术师在此表演。任何一个夜晚,任何一个时刻,请期待奇迹的发生。







将高雅的古典魔术与现代手法化为一体的独特风格,令Anson Chen在媒体、名人和政治家群体中广受赞誉,使其成为了亚洲魔术界的标志性人物之一。作为上海外滩十八号和Blackstone Magic Bar的掌门人,Anson Chen不遗余力地将艺术元素融入到大众的商业聚落中,实现了意见领袖、演讲者、表演者和企业家等多重身份的完美转身。
His unique style consists of blending elegant classic magic with a modern approach. This has made him revered in the media and amongst celebrities & politicians, making him one the most iconic figures in Asia's magic scene. As the founder of the Blackstone Magic Bar & Owner of Bund18 Shanghai, Anson Chen never fails to combine fine art with the commercial world. All of this has made him one of the most sought-after opinion leaders, speakers, performers & entrepreneurs in China.

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彭春豪Tony Peng

Chinese magician Tony Peng is a master of comedy, close-up and interactive stage magic. He is widely known known for his versatility. After more than a decade in the magic circle, Tony accumulated a thorough understanding of what his audiences are looking for. His shows are full of funny moments and fooling effects. He was hailed as “the most eloquent of all magicians” by Huang Zijiao, one of Taiwan’s most famous variety show hosts.

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郭汛杰 Jay Kwok

A graduate of the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Jay Kwok is best known for his close-up and comedy magic shows. Liu Qian called him “the most brilliant magician ”  in  “ Who is the No.1 ” , a magic talent show presented by Hunan Television. He is known as one of the top magicians in China by his peers.


叶望风 Fung

叶望风毕业于香港中文大学文化研究系。热爱魔术的他曾随魔术大师Jeff McBride及Eugene Burger 深造于拉斯维加斯著名魔术学府-MAGIC and MYSTERY SCHOOL。他是FISM世界魔术联盟亚洲冠军赛优胜者。曾于2012年出战于英国举行的“魔术奥林匹克”-FISM 大会。

Fung is a graduate student of the Department of Cultural Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Fung is a protégé of masters Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger from the Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas’s most prominent school for learning magic. In addition, he won the FISM Asia Grand Prix award and participated in the 2012 FISM World Championships of Magic held in the UK.



比利时魔术师Elliot自出道以来足迹遍及世界各地,通晓八国语言的他为各国观众献上了一场场精彩绝伦、令人叹为观止的魔术盛宴。Elliot 14岁起开始钻研魔术技艺,至今十二年有余,由此练就了娴熟高超的魔术手法。无论是在比利时当地的私人派对上,还是在法国圣特罗佩的奢华聚会上,他总能以精致高雅的魔术表演,于片刻之间活跃现场气氛,为在场观众带来毕生难忘的魔术体验。

Belgian magician Elliot has traveled all over the world to amaze audiences at exclusive gatherings using his knowledge of 8 different languages. He has studied the craft of magic for over 12 years and specializes in sleight of hand. Whether performing at parties in his home country or entertaining the jet-set in Saint-Tropez; he uses his high-quality and elegant approach to break the ice between the attendees and deliver them a magical experience they will never forget.


Sean Macfarlane


Sean Macfarlane is a world-class magician and he has been dazzling audiences across Asia for over 20 years with his sleight of hand artistry. Whether Sean is entertaining top CEOs of large companies or a small band of people at a private dinner party, he provides impressive and extraordinary entertainment that is always greeted with gasps and wonderment. Sean’s phenomenal skills, flawless presentation, a lightening wit and quick humor has earned him a high reputation in public and exclusive circles.



极具超能力色彩的视觉效果与BGM,使东津的魔术拥有极强的互动性和可观赏性,自大学开始在国内外斩获多个魔术冠军奖项,其原创参赛作品“Miraculous Gift”获得春晚魔术师周家宏、胡凯伦的高度认可,并被称为“最会用音乐的魔术师”。

The mixof extremely strong visual effect and BGM is what makes Dongjin's magic sointeractive and mesmerizing. Ever since he was in college, Dongjin has becomethe winner of many magic competitions at home and abroad. His original entrycalled “Miraculous Gift” was highly recognized by celebrated magicians ZhouJiahong and Hu Kailun, both of whom performed multiple times at the SpringFestival Gala. He is dubbed as "the magician best at mixing magic with music”.


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